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The Different Types of Wall Socket

par Shopify API sur February 14, 2024

The Different Types of Wall Socket

The wall socket is the place where we plug in electric devices like lights, appliances and electronics.wall socket There are many different types of electrical sockets in homes and buildings worldwide, and the way they look is often related to the plug type that can fit into them. Standard power outlets in the United States contain two vertical slots that can fit plugs with two or three prongs. Some also include a third slot for grounding, a safety feature that diverts current in the event of a short circuit in the device.

The most common type of wall socket in homes is the 15-amp duplex outlet, which has two sockets that can accommodate plugs with either a single or double prong.wall socket Many households use a combination of these and other types of outlets to make sure there's enough room for all of the plugs that need to be used.

For those who need more outlets, a multisocket adaptor may be used to combine two or more regular sockets into one unit that can support multiple plugs. These are available in various configurations and can be found in electrical shops or online. Some of them even have a USB port for connecting and charging devices that don't require a traditional power outlet, such as laptop computers.

Another type of wall socket is the GFCI outlet, which is designed to detect when electricity is flowing through an unintended path and automatically shut off. This feature can protect against problems like rodents chewing through wiring, which is a significant cause of home fires. GFCI outlets are required in some places for new construction, and many people opt to install them in their homes as well.

Those who need even more outlets might opt to have a power strip or extension cord with extra ports installed in their homes. These outlets offer the same 15-amp duplex design for standard live voltage devices, but also have one or more USB ports to accommodate compatible USB cables. They can be an economical alternative to buying a separate power strip for each individual device, and can be useful for those who frequently travel with electronic devices.

Other types of sockets include those that are recessed, which are built into the wall and only accessible when the outlet cover is removed. These are intended for locations where children might be present and can help prevent accidental electrocution by requiring the user to actively open the cover to access the socket.

Lastly, there are tamper-resistant outlets, which have a shutter that closes when there's no plug inserted in the socket, keeping kids and other unauthorized users from reaching or poking at them. These can be found in some restaurants and hotels, and are starting to become more popular at home. Another type of tamper-resistant outlet is the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) outlet, which can detect when arcing occurs and will automatically deactivate the outlet. This can protect against problems such as overheating and a potential fire, which is why AFCI outlets are typically found in kitchens and laundry rooms.

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