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Socket With Energy Monitoring

par Shopify API sur January 17, 2024

Socket With Energy Monitoring

A socket with energy monitoring is an ideal solution for households and businesses that are interested in reducing electricity bills by minimising power consumption.socket with energy monitoring It works by connecting to the main power supply and creating a second AC current inside the power cable that is used to measure energy use. The socket then transmits the data over Wi-Fi or through a local network to an app on your smartphone. This allows you to monitor the power consumption of individual devices and make any necessary changes to reduce costs. You can also set up a schedule to ensure that your devices are switched off at the right time, such as after bedtime or when you're on your way out.

This intelligent plug socket enables you to control lighting, appliances and more with a single tap on your mobile device. The smart socket recognises your plugged in appliances and switches them off when not needed to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. The programmable smart plug socket can be controlled via the Smart Life App or voice-controlled by Alexa/Google Assistant. The device's compact design doesn't block adjacent sockets and can easily be inserted into existing outlets.

Each smart socket has been fully tested for quality, the effect of high temperatures and its ability to work for long periods under load. Special shutters close the socket to prevent children from inserting screwdrivers, pencils or other objects and protect against dust and splashes.

Smart sockets can be connected to alarm systems, enabling them to turn the lights on at night and activate night mode. They can also be triggered to activate the alarm when someone enters the room or if the temperature drops to a critical level. This means that you'll never have to worry about your refrigerator going cold or leaving a door open, and can rest assured that your home is well-protected.

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