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How many switch socket layout is appropriate?

par dingWisdom sur April 27, 2022
The layout of switches and sockets is a necessary item in the decoration of a new house. If you do not have a good layout, it may be insufficient or blocked by furniture. How can you arrange a flawless switch and socket for a new house? Today, BSEED has specially brought a set of iron rules for the layout of switches and sockets for first-class electricians in order to make the layout of the new house perfect and smooth for everyone, hoping to help everyone.
Switch socket push line layout:
The entrance is the switch socket we need to design in the first step of entering the door. For the entrance, there are at least two switches in general, one is for controlling the entrance and the other is for controlling the living room.

As for the socket reservation for the entrance, first of all, you can reserve one near the shoe cabinet, which is convenient for people who sweat a lot to use the shoe dryer
Living Room:
In addition to the kitchen, the living room uses more electrical appliances, so everyone must plan well. If the planning is not good, there may be a mess of dragging boards everywhere.
The switch is mainly determined according to your home decoration lamps, generally there are downlights, light strips and main light sources! Don't forget the control switch of the balcony here.
The layout of the socket is as follows:.

From the picture above, we can see that there are really many sockets used in the living room.
①At least 3 sockets should be left behind the TV background wall, which are used for TV, satellite receiver, background wall decoration and router respectively!
②There is a socket on each side of the sofa, which is convenient for charging the floor lamp next to the sofa, the water dispenser and the owner who loves to play with mobile phones.
③ Remember to leave a socket for the air conditioner.
④ Reserve 2 spare sockets, so that it is convenient to use electric fans and vacuum cleaners in summer.
The number of sockets is relatively large, as follows:

The switch of the dining room can be set to 2, one controls the kitchen and the other controls the dining room.
Number of sockets Number of sockets:
① Reserve a socket for the refrigerator
② Reserve 2 spare sockets, which can be used for some small kitchen appliances in the future, such as soymilk maker.

The number of switches is just one switch that can control the kitchen!
Outlet layout:
①The range hood has 1 switch socket, which is specially used as a range hood. It is safer to use smart WiFi control for the hood socket.
② 1 socket under the stove to prevent the installation of electrical stoves in the future.
③There is 1 socket under the sink, which can be used when installing a garbage cleaner.
④There are 2-3 switch sockets on the console, which are used for small electrical appliances such as induction cooker and kettle.
⑤There is one socket with switch for disinfection cabinet and one for microwave oven. Before installation, determine the position and reserve the socket position.
⑥ Reserve 1-2 sockets with switches, which can be reserved for buying dishwashers.

Switch a double control at the door, one at the bedside, and then there is a switch socket for decorative lights
Number of sockets:
① 2 sockets near the TV
② 1 air conditioner socket
③There are 2 sockets on both sides of the bed,
④If there is a computer in the bedroom, reserve 2 sockets under the computer desk.

①The switch layout has 1 mirror headlight switch
②1 heating switch
③Exhaust fan switch 1
④1 main light source switch
Number of sockets:
washing machine with switch socket 1;
② Electric water heater with switch socket 1;
③There is 1 switch socket on the side of the toilet, which is used when installing the smart toilet. Maybe one day, the smart toilet will be easy to use.
④ 1-2 next to the mirror, used by the hair dryer, reserved for other functions.

1 switch for balcony
Number of sockets:
If the washing machine at home is going to be placed on the balcony, leave an outlet

Well, the above is the relevant content briefly introduced to you by BSEED, for your reference only.
BSEED provides more information on wall-mounted switches and sockets. Friends who like me remember to bookmark and follow! If you have any other skills you want to know, please leave a comment
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