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What Is a Wall Socket?

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What Is a Wall Socket?

An electrical wall socket (also called an outlet or a power point) is a place in the wall where you can plug in a device for connection to a power source.wall socket They are typically located in the living areas of a home, such as in bedrooms or kitchens. Most are designed to support a single low-powered device such as a TV or a computer charger, but some have more sophisticated features. Many also include features that help to protect against voltage surges.

Different wall outlets have varying voltages to match the electrical needs of different regions and types of appliances, such as dryers or electric stoves.wall socket Some have a switch to turn them on and off, while others have a timer that helps to limit energy usage. Some outlets can also be used to charge USB devices without the need for a converter.

The most common type of wall outlet is a standard 15-amp duplex outlet.wall socket This design has two vertical slots to accommodate a plug, and it is often found in homes, businesses, and other public buildings. This type of outlet can be two-pronged or three-pronged, and it is designed to provide power to two low-power devices at a time.

Two-pronged plugs have one round pin that connects to the "hot" slot of the receptacle and two flat current-carrying pins that form an inverted V shape to connect with the neutral slot.wall socket These pins are spaced 19 mm (0.74 in) apart, and the socket has a circular recess that has two apertures with the earth pin projecting into them before the energized contacts touch.

This type of socket is used in Italy, Switzerland, parts of Australia, and New Zealand. It has a recessed body with five openings (three round and two flat rectangular pins) that can accept CEE 7/5, CEE 7/16, and CEE 7/17 plugs. It does not accept BS 4573 plugs, which have insulated sleeves and a diameter slightly larger than that of Europlugs.

In China, sockets are defined by GB 1002. These have a circular recess with two round pins spaced 19 mm (0.74 in) from each other, and they can accept CEE 7/5 and CEE 7/16 plugs. The socket has a locking mechanism that is activated when the plug is inserted, and it prevents access to the active and neutral pins unless an earth pin connected to the socket is plugged in first.

This type of socket is used in Australia, Fiji, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. The socket has a round earth pin that connects to the socket before the energized contacts touch, and it can be used with plugs of CEE 7/5, CEE 7/16, or CEE 7/17 standards. It does not accept BS 1363 plugs. This type of socket has a locking mechanism that is activated by pushing down on a raised retaining lip inside the socket, and it is closed when not in use. It is sometimes referred to as a safety socket or magic socket.


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