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Socket With Energy Monitoring

durch Shopify API auf April 29, 2024

Socket With Energy Monitoring

Easily track and manage the energy use of all your plugged-in devices using a socket with consumption monitoring.socket with energy monitoring Set timers to avoid waste for lamps, fans and appliances like clothes irons. Schedule the device to turn on after a day’s #OhmHour or turn off at bedtime, to avoid leaving the oven and other dangerous electrical appliances on when you’re away.

Use the smart socket’s built-in energy meter to get detailed consumption statistics for individual appliances or circuits in your home or office.socket with energy monitoring It shows the power consumed per hour, week or month and gives you insight in how your electricity costs change over time. The EVVR socket is designed to fit perfectly into your existing outlet and requires no special wiring or electrical knowledge. Setup is easy and fast: connect with your smartphone via the EVVR app, HomeKit hub or wireless Siri voice command.

The tamper-proof and weather-resistant smart socket can be installed indoors or outside, in the garden or even in your shed. It is connected to your home network through the secure Jeweller radio protocol and communicates over a long distance (up to 1000 m) without interference from other devices, including your security system. It is compatible with a wide range of automation scenarios and continues to work even if the connection to your security system is lost.

The smart socket’s LED ring changes color in real time and informs you about the highest energy consuming appliances. It can also be used to control your heating devices during winter, air conditioning in summer and light your way back home after dark with a couple taps on your smartphone before you reach the door. And it will automatically switch off your top energy consuming appliances (such as the iron, heater or router) during peak hours to save you money and reduce your electricity bill.

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