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Socket With Energy Monitoring

durch Shopify API auf November 12, 2023

Socket With Energy Monitoring

A socket with energy monitoring is a smart electrical outlet that allows you to control devices connected to it using a mobile application on your smartphone or with voice controls through the Alexa or Google Assistant.socket with energy monitoring In addition, this type of intelligent socket is capable of tracking electricity consumption and displaying its results in the form of a graph.

A smart socket with consumption measurement is a good option for people who want to keep track of their energy usage and monitor the amount they spend on household appliances. It works by connecting to the main power supply and then creating a second AC current inside the power cable to measure energy use. This secondary current is used to calculate how much power each device is consuming and then transmits that information over Wi-Fi or through a local network to the app on your smartphone.

Once the data has been transmitted to the application, you can view it in a convenient chart and make any necessary changes to reduce energy costs. This is especially important for businesses or households that can be subject to rising utility bills. It's also possible to set up a schedule so that devices are switched off or on at the same time each day. This way, you won't have to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights or a fan when you're going to bed or getting up for work.

Another great feature of a socket with energy monitoring is its ability to prevent device failures caused by problems on the electricity grid. This is done by interrupting the power supply to appliances and devices when the voltage drops or rises to a critical level or if it overheats. The socket can also be triggered to activate night mode in conjunction with an alarm system.

The Geti GSS01 smart socket with consumption measurement is a reliable product that can be used to control lighting and appliances in your home or office with just one tap of a button on your smartphone. It supports a wide range of automation scenarios and is compatible with other Ajax systems including security cameras, door and window sensors, and alarm panels. The smart socket is equipped with a built-in LED indicator that provides visual feedback and uses Jeweller's long-range radio technology to maintain stable communication between the smart plug and your mobile device.


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