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Socket With Energy Monitoring

durch Shopify API auf June 12, 2023

Socket With Energy Monitoring

A socket with energy monitoring enables you to remotely control electrical appliances.socket with energy monitoring Smart sockets can be controlled via an app or a voice controlled device (Alexa/Google Assistant). A key feature is the ability to track cumulative energy usage and monitor specific devices.

Socket with consumption measurement is an easy way to make a small investment that pays for itself in savings on electricity bills.socket with energy monitoring With a simple application on a smartphone, you can coordinate and automatically switch electronics and household appliances, or set a power consumption schedule. In addition, many models have a built-in energy meter.

Smart sockets are ideal for monitoring the consumption of small appliances such as lamps or fans. By setting up a worry-free schedule, you can save on electricity without sacrificing comfort. Moreover, you can check how much energy is consumed on a weekly basis and identify the most power-consuming appliance.

The programmable smart socket is compatible with all types of EU power outlets, extension cables and multi-socket plugs. Its compact design does not block adjacent sockets and is easily fitted into existing outlets. The LED ring on the smart socket is visible even in the dark.

Each model of the intelligent socket has been tested for quality, the effect of high temperatures and its ability to work for long periods under load. In addition, it features special shutters that prevent children from inserting screwdrivers and pencils into the socket.

In addition to monitoring the use of energy, a smart socket can also help you reduce your home’s CO2 footprint by switching off devices during unoccupied times. You can also automatically turn the lights off at night time, activate the night mode and arm your alarm system with a single press on the button. All this is possible thanks to the scenarios that you can create using your smartphone or tablet.


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