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WiFi light switch with roller switch with normal eu socket Light Switches Bseedswitch
WiFi light switch with roller switch with normal eu socket Light Switches Bseedswitch
WiFi light switch with roller switch with normal eu socket Light Switches Bseedswitch

WiFi light switch with roller switch with normal eu socket

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    BSEED smart wifi light switch 1/2/3 gang 1/2/3way with shutter roller switch with eu socket 4 colors wall switch 228 crystal glass panel work with tuya app voice control by Alexa
    1. Super sensitivity-Just need touch it lightly.
    2. Popular Colors are available: Black, White, Golden.
    3. The button will glow at night, making it easier to find.
    4. Waterproof and Resistance Scratch. Protection Against Electric Shock.
    5. Different quality testing during production, to ensure each switch work well before it is delivered to customers.
    6. Elegant look, Suited greatly with many modern decor styles. It can be applied to drawing room, bedroom, corridor, kitchen, bathroom, Office and so on.
    Product Introduction:
    Brand Name: BSEED
    Size: 228 x 86 x 35 mm
    Colors: Black, White, Gloden
    Current: 16A
    Material: Alloy+Crystal Glass
    Certification: ce,CCC ,RoHS
    Mechanical Life: 100000 Times
    Working Voltage: 110 V-240 V AC
    Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 93%
    Energy Consumption: 0.02W
    Working Temperature: -20 ℃~+70℃

    Our Wifi Touch Switch Can Be Controlled Through Your Smartphone And All Support Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Tuya App.

    Bseed Wifi Touch Switches Have A Blue LED Light on the Front Panel Of Each Gang Which Ensure The Visibility In the Dark And is Easy To Find At Night.

    The Smart Touch Switch is Compatible With LED Light Bulbs, Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescent, and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. The Wifi Smart Switch(required A Neutral Wire To Install).

    Connect 3 Wires to Install The Wifi Wall Touch Switch In Your Wall Mounted Box As Bellow:
    The Brown Or Red (Live) Wire Goes Into a Brass Screw L Or The Hole In The Back Of The Device.
    lThe Blue Or Black (Neutral) Wire Goes Into the Brass Skew N Or The Hole N In The Back Of The Device. The Panel Can Be Reassembled Easily For The Change Of Unit Part If Needed (Neutral Wire Required).

    Download The Tuya Or Smart Life App To Your Smartphone Or Tablet. The App Can Be Downloaded From Apple App Store or Google Play, Then Connect Your App With Amazon Alexa Or Google Home Which Enable You To Voice Control Your Lights And Appliances.

    You have to cut off the power and during the installation.

    Always turn off the main power during installation until the panel installation is complete, and then turn it on. If you test the switch by touching the directly (without the cover panel), turn it off for 5 minutes, place it on the control panel, and use it.

    Q: Does your Wifi touch switch need a neutral wire to install?
    A: Yes, it does need a neutral wire to install.

    Q: Does your Wifi touch light switch can work with Home Kit?
    A: Sorry, Our item can’t work with them at present.

    Q: Does your Wifi light switch can work with Smart Life Tuya or Google Alexa?
    A: Yes, it can work with them.

    Q: Do you offer a 2/3/4-way wifi touch light switch?
    A: Yes, we offer a 2/3/4-way wifi touch switch, it functions stably. But you must at least buy 2/3/4 pieces of 2/3/4-way wifi switches. ( APP uses multi-control association function)

    Q: Why does wifi switch not work when it is connected?
    A: First, please check your wiring. Our wiring diagram is in the details. Then check whether the iron plate is installed correctly. Finally, check whether your switch matches. If there is no problem, please contact us, and send you the video.

    Q: Why is the WIFI switch/socket offline after working for a period of time?
    A: Please check whether the switch or socket needs to be updated. If it is the latest version, please contact us and provide a video.

    Q: Does your Wifi touch light switch have a backlight?
    A: The blue backlight will be on when the wiring is successful. Allowing you to notice Our touch switch clearly in the dark.

    Q: Does our switches can install vertically or Horizontally for 157mm/228mm glass panels?

    A: Yes, we can install it in different ways, but you will see the small holes. (The small holes used to open the glass cover)

    A Regular Touch Switch can only work with another Touch Switch and will not work with Mechanical Switches.
    A Bseed 2 way Touch Switch can only connect with another Bseed 2-3 way touch switch.
    A Touch Dimmer switch must be connected to another Touch Dimmer Switch.

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    Customer Reviews

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