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What Is a Wall Socket?

by Shopify API 03 Jul 2024 0 Comments

What Is a Wall Socket?

A wall socket (or electrical outlet) is a place to plug in electronic devices, such as phones, laptops, tablets, and power tools.wall socket There are a variety of different plug and socket types, which differ in voltage and current ratings, pin arrangement, shape, size, and connector type. Designs of both plugs and sockets have evolved to reduce the risk of electric shock and fire.

The most common sockets have two vertical slots for plugs with two prongs.wall socket Some have a third "ground" pin to fit three-prong plugs. In the United States, these sockets are called "Type A" or "Type B".

Most homes in the world use the same standard two-pin plugs and sockets for household appliances.wall socket They may be polarized or nonpolarized. Polarized plugs have a wider neutral pin than the hot pin, which limits their insertion into the socket in only one direction. Nonpolarized plugs have pins that are equal in width and can be inserted into either type of socket.

Some sockets have automatic shutters to prevent foreign objects from being plugged in and potentially electrocuting the user.wall socket Other safety features include molded-in insulation that helps to shield contact pins from the fingers of a user, recessed sockets, and/or plugs designed to fit closely within the socket to reduce the chance of accidental contacts during use.

There are also sockets with special features for medical and telecommunication equipment, as well as appliances that require an earthed supply.wall socket These sockets are usually labeled "BS 1363" in the UK and have a lug design that is less prone to bending during handling. They are typically rated at 250 V and can be used with standard two-pin plugs or with Europlugs of the same size.

Other types of sockets are mainly used for low power electronics and are often labeled as "CEE 7/16" or "CEE 7/3". These have round holes that accept CEE 7/2 plugs (unearthed), CEE 7/4 plugs, and CEE 7/6 plugs.

Unlike wall outlets, most mobile phone chargers do not have an earthed plug and are not connected directly to the mains system. They are supplied with a sleeve that fits over the top of the socket and is secured by a screw. This protects the cords from being pulled out of the socket when not in use and it allows for a quick and easy replacement of the sleeve, if it becomes damaged.

As the number of gadgets in a home increases, the load on individual sockets may increase and lead to overheating. It is therefore advisable to check for signs of overheating, including smoke marks, and to get additional sockets installed where possible to spread the load. Also, always remember to switch off the sockets before removing plugs. Pulling plugs out harshly can loosen the faceplate and allow something to interfere with the connections inside, which could lead to an accident or injury. Also, be sure to keep the number of sockets in a room to the limit of the electrical circuit it is wired into to avoid overloading the sockets with too many appliances or equipment.

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