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Socket With Energy Monitoring

by Shopify API on July 10, 2024

Socket With Energy Monitoring

Socket with energy monitoring allows you to control lighting, heating devices and air conditioning remotely from anywhere in the world.socket with energy monitoring It also provides information about electricity consumption in real time, which helps you save money, especially during peak hours. You can easily see which devices consume the most power – as soon as an appliance starts consuming electricity, the LED ring changes color in real time.

The socket is easy to set up and does not require any additional hardware or software. It can be controlled via the eWeLink app on your smartphone or tablet and is compatible with third-party systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice-controlled operation. Besides allowing you to track power usage, the smart socket can automatically turn off devices at certain times. This can be particularly beneficial for energy-intensive appliances such as hairdryers and irons.

Unlike many other smart plugs on the market, the Geti GSS01 does not use Wi-Fi for communication and instead uses the secure Jeweller radio protocol. This ensures stable communication between the socket and your smartphone, even without a stable internet connection. The smart socket is compact, does not block adjacent sockets and can be set up using a QR code or by wireless Siri voice command (for Apple users).

The Smart Socket with consumption measurement is an excellent choice for those who want to make their home more comfortable and safe. It is connected to the home network via a Zigbee or Z-Wave hub or bridge and can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet or PC. It is compatible with the Geti door and window sensors, alarm panels and smart heating control systems. The smart socket can be scheduled to turn on and off electronics and appliances at specific times, avoiding waste for lamps, fans, humidifiers and Christmas lights. The intelligent socket can also be used to automatically switch off devices such as irons and curling irons after a specified period of time to prevent overheating or fire.


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