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Baby Safety Manual——5 point to solve the baby electricity safety

by dingWisdom on November 19, 2021

Point 1:Check electrical safety hazards regularly

Pay attention to household appliances for abnormalities

Pay attention to the electrical safety in the living room, bedroom and bathroom


Point 2:Teach your baby how to read the safe electrical signs

Do not touch the red sign. Be careful of electric shock when encountering a yellow sign

Point 3: Stay away from switches, power lines, etc

Tell your baby to stay away from electric wires as far as possible and develop a basic awareness of prevention

Don't touch appliances with wet hands

Do not play near the switch, do not touch the switch

If you encounter falling wires or bare wires on the road, you must stay away from them, not to touch them

Unplug TV sets, refrigerators and other power sources during thunderstorms


Point 4:Understand the main switch of power supply

If someone is electrocuted, don't use your hands directly to save them, call an adult for help.

Correct practice: water head, rubber, plastic and othe r insulators will be electrocuted

Separate from appliances

After using the electrical appliances, such as: kettle, humidifier, etc., should unplug the power plug

Point 5:Choose high safety electrical accessories

BSEED ZigBee Glass switch

The switch is made of glass and has an integrated design.

Can use APP and voice control, can respond quickly


BSEED Zigbee socket 

Standardized design, suitable for a variety of lines

With CE standard, BS standard, RoHS standard, GCC standard quadruple certification, more security