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light switches and sockets

We’re a team who passionately believe that even a tiny detail in our home cannot be ignored. Bseed began with a realization – people hope their home comfortable and graceful, but sometimes a little detail may spoil our exquisite interior decoration, like some light switches and sockets. We asked a simple question: what could we do about it?



We learned that people are easily distracted by redundant things. And they have to confront a lot of giddy visual disturbances every day (especially in dense urban areas). The only thing people want when they come back home is convenience and a clean and comfortable visual experience.


Armed with that knowledge, we set out to try to create a solution – without sacrificing the looks and the experience that we value so much about a simple but convenient home detail in the first place.



The result is Bseed. We’re proud to design series of products that are simple but sophisticated and convenient. We don’t build the most stunning products—because we believe in ‘its existence is to be forgotten’. We don’t claim the furthest range—because we believe in honest advertising and trusting 'simple' is the utmost option among contemporary people.



We DO design and produce some light switches and sockets with refined quality and simple but elegant looks. We DO make your home more comfortable and make your life easier


light switches and sockets

Story of Bseed 

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